Out-Of-State Dealers

Professional Service for Your Needs

As an out-of-state dealer, you are required to submit sales tax to the State of GA upon registering a vehicle. We can handle the entire process for you.
Your customers will be extra pleased when they receive their Georgia license plate in the mail instead of having to go to the county tag office to get their plate. Here’s what we do for you:
  • All transactions are thoroughly examined then entered in our system, MV1s are printed if required.
  • Transactions are walked through at the local tag offices or sent via UPS to any of the other 145 counties.
  • Once we get the work back, we complete the transaction in our system and send the plate or title to you or your customer. If we send to your customer, we will provide a copy of the registration for your records.
  • You will receive a detailed invoice showing each transaction completed with the current information.
For more information or to get a price list, please send an email to: info@tagstitles.com.